Budding Readers Program

Budding Readers

Budding Readers Program Mission Statement:  To educate the parents of infants in our community about the importance of reading aloud to their infants and young children, making it a natural part of a family’s daily practice, and to provide the tools for introducing the read aloud as a routine for children from the earliest age possible.

Website: http://www.buddingreaders.org/

The research is clear: 

  • Children who hear a wealth of language before the age of three will experience success at school. 

  • Children's books contain three times more developed vocabulary than the everyday conversation between parent and child.

  • Children benefit from the read aloud experience as it promotes bonding by making a connection between the things babies love most- their parent’s voice, the security of physical closeness, and eventually- books.

  • Children who acquire a great interest in reading in their homes form the overwhelming majority of those who later become good readers.

  • Preschoolers who view TV excessively can experience delayed reading skills.


“Reading is the single most important factor in American life today.  The more you read, the more you know.  The more you know, the smarter you grow.  The smarter you grow the longer you stay in school.  The longer you stay in school, the more money you earn.  The more you earn, the better your children will do in school and the longer you will live.  So if you hook a child on reading, you will influence not only his future health and financial circumstances but also those of the next generation.”

- Jim Trelease, Author, The Read Aloud Handbook

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