Minutes - January 14, 2016


Honeoye Parent Teacher Association

Honeoye Central School District

8528 Main Street

Honeoye, NY 14471

(585) 229-5171


Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 6 pm

Meeting Minutes


Open Meeting- 6:05 pm – In attendance: Jeanne Higgins, Sarah Marshall, Kate Deprez Ransom (and “Baby Jack”), Janelle Deal and Laura Zweig.

Pledge of Allegiance


Guest Speaker –  none.

Secretary’s Minutes – Laura Zweig submitted – Approved.  Jeanne 1st, Janelle 2nd.

Correspondence – Cyndi Sherman – Membership E-Cards were sent to all 37 members (by email).  Laura also received Jeanne Higgins formal resignation at the end of this year’s term.

Treasurer’s Report – Sarah Marshall – Budget Beginning balance=$2108.18.  Spirit wear deposits of $666 and $591. Minus Christmas in Honeoye, Dance, etc expenses. Ending balance $2401.98 Spirit Wear invoice will be paid, $1094. Sarah gave Laura 4-$10 Wegmans gift cards for use at Movie Night as raffles.

Board of Ed and CDEP info – Matt Gillette was not in attendance.  However, Mr. Bills asks that any parent interested in being on CDEP Committee (1/2 day, during school day, a few times/school year) please contact him.

Old Business:

  • Membership – update (see above “Correspondence”)
  • Square 1 Art – Jodi Zuck – update = no update
  • Spirit Wear – Jeanne Higgins – update – invoice was paid for $1094.  With lanyards and extra spirit wear that we purchased, we made $0.  However, any items/lanyards we sell will be profit. Lanyards can also be used for Teacher Appreciation, raffles.  A few Spirit Wear items will be used as raffle items at Movie Night in January.
  • Family Reading Night – Janelle Deal – update (Total spent from budget?) –  20 kids (25 families) attended.  $11.15 spent for popcorn and cider.
  • Christmas in Honeoye – Sarah Marshall – 12/11/15- Update – Total spent=$90.65.  Many donations! Great turn out.  Many food donations for Honeoye Food Pantry.
  • Movie Night – Jodie Pineda - 01/22/16 (“Inside Out”) – Jodie Pineda did not cash reimbursement check. Seems check went missing (in the “Backpack Express”??).  Janelle is bringing a copy of Inside Out for PTA to use.  Jodie is willing to keep the copy she purchased for PTA.  No money will be exchanged and check will not be cashed if found.  All parties are happy.
  • Nominating Committee - letter to be sent home with students.  Nominations by 03/31/2016.
  • Guest Speakers for HPTA Mtgs - January-May 2016-  Laura is firming up guest speakers.
  • Roller Skating – 2/19.  – Be-Mar may have increased their price.  Laura will look into this.  (Post meeting note – Be-Mar did not increase their price.)



New Business:

  • Family Dance – vote to increase budget to $400.  Jeanne 1st, Cyndi 2nd.  Carried unanimously.
  • Science Fair – coming in April.  More info to come.
  • PTA vs. PTO – information only. – Many volunteer hours to change from PTA to PTO, without much benefit (that this group could tell). Nothing further to come of this.


Other Business:

  • NYS Tax Exempt – Laura will call National PTA for support in re-instating tax exempt status.
  • Ukulele Club – Angie Lopez is asking for donation to this club (to purchase 10 ukuleles @$42 each.  Total of $420.  Laura approached Rebecca Pezzimenti re: Student Council splitting the cost with PTA.  PTA voted for $210, Jeanne 1st, Kate 2nd.  Carried unanimously.
  • Insurance – Laura met with David Bills.  He agreed that if someone needs an ambulance, call 911.  Accident may need to be filled out with School Nurse.  An email to administrator would be appropriate, but nothing that needs to get to them immediately. 
  • Teacher Appreciation – added by Cyndi.  Closing in on 90 days until!!  Start thinking/asking for raffle items, food themes, etc.  Cyndi will chair, but will need MANY volunteers!!



Next Meeting – Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 6 pm

Adjournment – 7:10 pm.  Janelle 1st, Kate 2nd.